Marc Osborne Jr is a filmmaker and a comedy writer from Ketchikan, Alaska. He also claims to be a psychological master of cats.

    Originally hailing from the tiny logging villiage of Thorne Bay, Alaska. He started out life working on his Grandfather's Commercial Troller. At the age of twelve he moved to the big city of Ketchikan and was instantly overwhelmed with its population of 14,000 people. His teenage years were spent doing radio shows, making short films, and playing in an improvisational comedy band.

    Marc graduated from the Seattle Film Institute in 2003 and has since produced over 50 short films. His work has been featured on the Alaska One PBS, the KPU Television Network, and at the Seattle Aquarium.

    He spent 3 years in New York City studying, writing, and performing comedy. He starved and cried a lot.

    Marc is currently scrambling for a meager living making films in Ketchikan and currently is directing a Documentary featuring Alaskan artist Ray Troll and a 270 Million year old shark.